Flood Extraction & Drying

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Masters Gold Coast has been providing the Gold Coast with professional flood damage & water extraction services for the past 18 years. Don’t let flood damage ruin your property.

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Don’t let flood damage ruin your Property

Flood can cause major damage to your property especially the carpet flooring, the cause of the flood could be from an overflow sink tap, wrongly positioned washing machine drainage pipe, burst water pipe in the wall, water heating system gone faulty or deluge from rain water that found their way inside your property.

Whatever the cause of the flood, the damage is extensive and will require an urgent and professional help.

Water Extraction & Flooding

Flood damage can be one of the most significant disasters your property can face. Your home may have been damaged by a storm, damaged pipes, dishwasher or faulty plumbing. Flooding can wreak havoc on your home and your belongings. We are trained to deal with flood damage and emergencies 24/7. We have equipment that extracts water from your home, servicing anywhere on the Gold Coast.

Flood Extraction Method

Stage 1: Inspect the site, switch off any water and electricity.

Stage 2: Extract the water from floors and carpets.

Stage 3: Sanitize & Deodorise all carpets to stop any nasty smells.

Stage 4: Lift the carpet if necessary.

Stage 5: Install dryers in strategic spots.

Stage 6: Normal drying time is 1-2 days.

Stage 7: Make sure you are 100% Satisfied.  


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