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Protecting Your Property From Termites with thorough inspections and treatment

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Yearly Termite Inspections

Termites have existed for more than 250-million years, and share a common ancestor with mantises and cockroaches. Like ants, termites also live in colonies organised according to a complex social structure.

In the wild termites are not a pest, as they assist with the decomposition of dead trees. But human development has limited termites access to dead trees, while supplying them with a new source of food: the wood used in and around countless homes and buildings.

Thorough Inspections

Due to their ability to damage whole homes & buildings quickly, we strongly recommend a termite inspections on a yearly basis.

Our experienced staff will carry out a thorough inspection of your property, looking for evidence of termites, and damage caused by termite activity.

People are forced to spend millions of dollars each year to prevent and manage termite infestations, but early detection and treatment remains your best approach to avoiding any significant financial impact on your home or building.

Some properties are more appealing to termites than others, but there’s no way to guarantee your home or building won’t be affected by termites.

Call us as soon as you see any evidence of termites in your house or building.

How to prevent your assets be damaged by termites?

  1. We strongly recommend 12 monthly Termite Inspections
  2. Our technicians will discuss with you, any obvious signs to look out for.
  3. We’ll recommend solutions to any problems with the property.
  4. We can recommend preventative measures to take to protect your assets.
  5. We can recommend termite treatments to your budget.
  6. Available methods of treatment – Partial Remedial treatment (problem area), Chemical barriers with reticulation refill, Baiting Systems, Pre- Construction and more….

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