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Based in Burleigh Waters, Servicing Throughout the Gold Coast from Coomera to Coolangatta..

Masters Gold Coast has been providing the Gold Coast with quality carpet cleaning for the past 18 years. We have an excellent reputation for our excellent service, attention to detail and quality of work. Carpet Cleaning Prices start from just $30.


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All carpets get dirty – that is a FACT, with carpet being one of the most important part in your home you need to look after them as they are an investment most of us can ill afford to purchase on a regular basis. By using Masters Gold Coast to regularly clean the carpets and keep in top condition, your carpets will last longer and look clean all the time.

We offer a professional carpet steam cleaning service using high powered portable carpet cleaning machines to get your carpet clean and fresh. 

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Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 - Inspect

Inspect the carpets for stains or defects.

Step 2 - Chemicals

Apply the correct environmentally chemical to the stains.

Step 3 - Moving

Move some items to get the best possible result.

Step 4 - Steam Clean

Steam Clean the carpets back to new condition.

Step 5 - Germs

Apply Sanitizer to kill all those nasty germs

Step 6 - Deodorise

Apply a deodoriser to make your place smell fresh and lovely.

Step 7 - Satisfaction

Make sure you the customer is 100% Satisfied.

18 Years of Experience

Our quality carpet cleaning equipment and years of experience have helped us with removing the toughest stains, grime, dirt and oils that seep into your carpet and rugs.

Masters Gold Coast is a family owned-operated carpet cleaning business. The business provides services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Gold Coast, We are well known for our excellent customer service, reliability and quality of work.

Masters Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning provides carpet protection and cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout the Gold Coast. We have built a strong reputation in the cleaning industry and strive to deliver quality services you can rely on.

Reliable & Fully Insured Carpet Cleaning


Other Services

Carpet Cleaning

We specialise in carpet and mattress cleaning our extensive years of experience and service to the Gold Coast area. We can solve most of your carpet cleaning issues with our state of the art equipment.

Water Damaged Carpet

In recent years water damage in Gold Coast homes apartments and businesses has become more common and we can help we offer a call out service 7 days a week.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can bring your much loved sofa back to life again we also specialise in restoring that much loved sofa back to looking new again.

Pest Control

We have an extensive amount of year’s experience in the pest industry we are known for our thoroughness attention to detail, quality of work and most of all our service. 

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Upholstery Cleaning Southport

Our services through our Carpet Cleaning Southport Division include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and joint cleaning, water damage removal, pest control, stain and stain removal, leather cleaning, carpet restoration, fabric protection, allergy cleaning and odor removal. Our cleaning services are not limited to upholstery cleaning; we also offer sofa cleaning, sofa cleaning and full lounge cleaning throughout the Southport metropolitan area. Whether it is home or business upholstery, cleaning with us is perfection.

Advanced upholstery cleaning machines and equipment can be used to remove all kinds of stains. We offer professional leather, fabric and couch cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair and lounge steam cleaning, upholstered furniture, stain removal, Scotchgard fabric and leather upholstery protectors and environmentally friendly chemicals for disinfection, cleaning and deodorization of fabrics.

Masters Upholstery Cleaning Southport is one of Southport’s leading upholstery cleaning companies. We provide professional sofa and steam cleaning and upholstery protection services on the Southport Gold Coast.

Our best technicians are highly trained in upholstery cleaning and help us to offer our customers professional upholstery cleaning services. Peters Upholstery Cleaning Southport is known for our best cleaning services in the area, including sofa cleaning and lounge / sofa cleaning.

Don’t let a dirty office cost you more, organize a regular dry cleaning service with one of our friendly cleaning staff today in Southport. If you have any questions about our upholstery cleaning technicians, their methods, equipment, costs and prices or would like to arrange an appointment with your professional on-site steam, heat and dry cleaning technician or curtain cleaner. But don’t worry, we are a one-stop-shop, we can help you with carpet cleaning in your home or business, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning and any other cleaning work you need from us.

If you wish, you can contact us by email to book your cleaning or use our request form at the top of this page and we will help you arrange a professional cleaning service that is right for you wherever in Australia you are. Our cleaning experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If it’s time for a carpet cleaning company to take care of you on Gold Coast, Brisbane or Tweed Head, call Masters Gold Coast. We are a relatively new company and our experience is likely to surpass most carpet cleaners on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Tweed Heads. We focus our energy, professionalism and quality on being available around the clock to treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

Each carpet is different and requires professional expertise, so Masters Southport Professional Carpet Cleaning Service has well trained technicians to ensure that no damage occurs during the cleaning process. At Masters we use the latest equipment and techniques to remove stubborn stains, dirt and dirt from your carpet and leave it as new.

Masters and their ant control solutions are designed for domestic and commercial customers, regardless of size of the infestation. Cleaning with carpet sanitizer kills bacteria in your carpet and leaves a healthier smell in your home. It is important to note that carpet cleaning king can reduce the number of ants in your house due to the sheer number of ants, but they cannot guarantee that all ants will be completely removed.

Part of this process is shampooing the carpet with an acidic solution to remove dirt and particles. A professional carpet cleaning service is used to remove dirt from the carpet by vacuuming and absorbing small objects such as fabric fibres and nails with ease. They are also used to clean the floor and perform various other tasks such as cleaning curtains and furniture.

The preferred technique or product depends on the type of tissue, the contamination, the age of the tissue and the type of stain. Your local upholstery cleaner can apply a detergent and soak it overnight to remove dirt particles. You can also book upholstery cleaning when your cleaner arrives at your home and restore your fabrics and furniture by steam cleaning, hot water extraction or dry powder cleaning.

Our upholstery disinfectant kills the bacteria in your mattress. Upholstery traps dirt and dirt in its fibers, which can lead to odor, stains and deterioration if not cleaned and disinfected. This disinfectant solution will leave your home with a healthier smell. Our disinfectants kill the bacteria in your cushions, making your home healthier and smells better.

Our upholstery disinfectant not only helps you sleep better, but also makes you healthier. Peters Cleaning Services understands that cushions are available in various materials (cotton, linen, nylon, silk, viscose, polyester, acetate, etc.). And require different cleaning methods. The top upholstery cleaner is available from Fresh upholstery cleaning company.

Curtains, tapestries, curtains, sofas and upholstered furniture serve as the decorative heart of a room, but also as a collection point for dirt, dust and other allergy-causing particles. They collect enormous amounts of dirt and dust, allergens and excreted bodily fluids and oils, leading to an increase in bacterial diseases.

We are dedicated to high quality professional floor and carpet cleaning with the best technology. However, given the challenges at times like these, we must be careful to protect the health and well-being of our employees and customers. We are taking a number of steps to ensure the safety of our team.

The steam and heat method removes excess moisture and contact with dirt and dirt. In compliance with strict hygiene regulations, the Elektrodry team carries all hand disinfectants and liquid soaps with them in order to disinfect their hands before work and to practice good hygiene.

Masters Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast in Southport Queensland provides upholstery cleaning for home and commercial clients. Our technicians are trained in the latest methods of upholstery cleaning and use the most eco-friendly products for a healthy and clean atmosphere.

We provide services in your place or ours. We also take pride in offering same day service for our clients so that you aren’t held up at work by our professional cleaners. Our Upholstery Cleaning Southport team is always ready to help you out.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services for both commercial and domestic customers throughout South East Queensland.

All of our technicians have been through tough and rigorous training before they received their certification from the manufacturer of the products we use.

Permanently remove stains and dirt from the upholstery of your vehicle, boat or RV with our professional upholstery cleaning services. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs. For more information, visit us online

The cleaning methods for Upholstery differ due to the different materials and fabrics that are used in upholstery. The most common method is by using a steam cleaner or a special machine specially designed for cleaning upholstery.

The steam cleaner is equipped with a powerful high pressure hose that delivers steam that removes the dirt from the upholstery.

Upholstery professionals are aware that any fabric can be cleaned and any stains can be removed with their equipment. They also know how to clean different types of upholstery such as leather or vinyl, sofas, cushions and mattresses, car seats, couches, chairs and other furniture items like sectionals.

There are many ways to remove an upholstery stain, but most of them require the use of a cleaner. This is one of the most common and easiest ways to remove an upholstery stain.

It is also simple to perform, because all you have to do is pour the cleaner on the stain and then use a cloth or a sponge to wipe it up. This will usually take away most of the stain, leaving a light color that will gradually disappear over time.

If you want to remove more of the stain, you can try to soak it in plain water for several hours before trying to scrub it away with a rag. If this doesn’t work, you can always use a professional upholstery cleaner by mixing it with some water and using the mixture to clean away the stain.

Make sure to let the cleaner set for at least 30 minutes before trying to remove the stain again with regular cleaning techniques. You can also use an upholstery cleaner that is made specifically for removing stains. This will usually be in a spray bottle and is usually available at larger stores or retail outlets. It can also be found online.

The cleaning methods for Upholstery differ due to the different materials and fabrics that are used in upholstery. The most common method is by using a steam cleaner or a special machine specially designed for cleaning upholstery. The steam cleaner is equipped with a powerful high pressure hose that delivers steam that removes the dirt from the upholstery. Upholstery professionals are aware that any fabric can be cleaned and any stains can be removed with their equipment.

We are based in Southport, Queensland, so why Southport?

Southport is situated in the City of Gold Coast in Queensland. Southport is the most populous suburb on the Queensland Gold Coast with more than 30,000 residents.

It is situated right next to the Gold Coast Broadwater on the Nerang River, and this is a major tourist attraction in the Southport district.

Southport is also home to Griffith University, and is situated close to main beach, Queensland. Southport was the first suburb on the Gold Coast, and paved the way to Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Another great landmark close by is the Southport Spit, which is also very close to the Southport Pier on the Gold Coast

Southport is situated in the local government area of Queensland, and is home to one of the largest shopping centres on the Gold Coast called Australia fair shopping centre.

Southport is also home to St Hilda’s School which is highly regarded

We offer carpet cleaning Southport and surrounding areas. We provide quality carpet cleaning services at competitive prices.

We guarantee a 100% satisfaction.

We are a family owned firm that has been in the cleaning industry for over a year. We understand the value of time when you have an important event or meeting to attend to and do not like to be kept waiting. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that we finish our work on time without compromising on quality.

All of our technicians are trained and certified by leading manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products. Our staff is professional and provides excellent results at an affordable price.

We strive to offer our clients exceptional quality work at a reasonable price. We believe that whenever we do business, we should make the client feel at ease as possible. If you are not totally satisfied with your service, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can give you a satisfactory solution to your problems.

We take great pride in our work and will always ensure that you are well satisfied with the job done by us. We are always happy to accept job offers that you may have. All you need to do is contact us for more information. We can handle small and big jobs both residential and commercial premises. If you would like to know more about our products, please contact us.

At Masters Upholstery Cleaning Southport, we believe in providing all of our clients with the best quality services at a reasonable price. Our goal is to provide affordable domestic and commercial cleaning services that exceed your expectations.

You can always count on our services to leave your home or office looking fantastic and smelling fresh. Our Upholstery Cleaning Southport services are available for both commercial and domestic use.

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