End of Lease Carpet Flea Treatment Gold Coast

Fleas are common parasites in Australia and are small insects, with a size ranging from 1-10 millimeters, depending on the species. Often called ‘Sand Fleas,’ these wingless insects have an oval-shaped compressed body and a dark, reddish brown appearance. Interestingly, Australia has more than 90 species of fleas, of which the fleas that can make your cats and dogs itchy are the most dangerous. Their six legs allow them to move quickly and surprisingly far; plus, their two antennae will enable them to sense touch, smell, heat, humidity and vibrations.
Alana Zangari
Alana Zangari
Cannot thank Masters enough for their professionalism! They were easy to deal with and we were very impressed with how our bedroom carpets and couch looked after their work!
Jasmin Muller
Jasmin Muller
Very professional, on time and great result. Thank you
Jessie May
Jessie May
Two young kids and a dog... had my carpets cleaned and the results exceeded my expectations. Kind staff, prompt service, professional service and most importantly extremely good value. Will be using again!
Leah McDonald
Leah McDonald
Masters GC managed to fit me in at short notice for my 3 bedroom house and lounge suite. The truck mount machine they use did an amazing job on my carpets and removed stains that were previously not able to. I would highly recommend Masters Gold Coast and we will be using them again soon!
Anneliese Peters
Anneliese Peters
I have used Masters both professionally as a property manager and privately when vacating my own rental property. Ryan has always been professional, knowledgeable and provided quality work, at a reasonable price. 100% recommend Masters.
Marcia Waller
Marcia Waller
My tiles and carpet look fabulous - like new.
Raikiri Store
Raikiri Store
great job and great communication x

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Why are fleas dangerous? Fleas usually target warm-blooded animals as hosts, including humans, cats, dogs, rats, mice, rabbit squirrels, etc. If you’re dealing with a flea infestation at home or work, here is where they might be sitting – hiding in shoes, blankets, carpets, rugs, wooden floorboards, tiles, furniture, upholstery and pet bedding.

Flea treatments are a fairly common and essential requirement when it comes to terminating your lease in Gold Coast. This ensures that the home is free of any flea infestation, is safe for the next tenants and that you are eligible to get your bond back. Whether it’s cats, dogs or whatever pet you’ve been looking after, these treatments are necessary for any incoming tenants.

Queensland renters must adhere to state regulations regarding pets on the premises and end-of-lease treatments. Masters can help you comply with those regulations by offering discounted prices when combining end-of-lease flea treatments and carpet cleanings. We’ll leave your carpets looking good as new while keeping your rental pet-free! Masters Gold Coast proudly offers end-of-lease carpet flea treatment in Gold Coast, and our advanced treatments guarantee that the property remains free of flea infestations. We ensure you have the peace of mind you deserve when transitioning to your new home. If you’re a tenant or a pet owner, look no further than Masters Gold Coast. We will send our highly experienced professionals to inspect the area and provide you with the best possible tailored pest control solutions. So, if you’re moving out, our end-of-lease carpet flea treatment in Gold Coast is what you need – contact us today to receive a quote!

Are you Looking for End of Lease Flea Treatment?

Ensuring the flea-free status of your rental property is essential for getting your bond back. Our end-of-lease flea treatment service offers a cost-effective solution with no hidden fees. Here’s what you can expect when you call our trusted professionals for flea carpet treatment in Gold Coast.

Property Inspection: When you call us, our team of qualified flea exterminators will travel to your location to thoroughly evaluate the property and accurately determine the level of infestation, types of pests present and appropriate course of action. Depending on the severity and type of pest situation, our staff will take as much time as necessary to completely eradicate any unwanted pest from your property. With a wealth of experience dealing with complex pest situations, you can count on us for reliable results.

Cleaning Services: Our professional team will inspect the rental unit and create a treatment plan for any fleas found. After the successful completion of an inspection, we offer a Certificate of Treatment. In the event that no pests are discovered, we will provide you with a certificate to satisfy your landlord’s requirements.

Use Surface Spray/Gel: Generally, we suggest insecticidal gel or a powdery solution to our clients. Additionally, for better protection from fleas in the future, we also use surface sprays for Australian environments. Our professionals will evaluate the situation and provide the best possible solution based on the infestation.

Steam Cleaning: Masters Gold Coast is the leading provider of steam cleaning treatments for carpets. Our powerful equipment and proven techniques will clean carpets and ensure they are free from fleas and bugs.

With over 10 years of experience, a proven track record of success, and hundreds of happy customers, we are confident that our end-of-lease carpet flea treatment Gold Coast process will exceed your expectations. You can quickly book a cleaning through our website; just a few clicks, and you’re all set! Call us today and have trusted professionals visit your home.



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