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3 seater lounge steam cleaned for $120


The team at Masters Gold Coast will work wonders with your lounge, sofa or mattress. Our qualified upholstery cleaning team help to restore that new look to your upholstery. We can work with all types of upholstery including leather, velour, silk, linen, cotton, suede and synthetics.

Masters Gold Coast Upholstery Cleaning services include lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery protection.

We are one of the best upholstery cleaners on the Gold Coast, which the residents have loved for years. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals experienced in lounge cleaning, upholstery cleaning and sofa cleaning in the Gold Coast. They understand the unique challenges each piece of furniture possesses and employ techniques to achieve optimum cleaning, compromising the quality of your furniture.

Our upholstery protection will help your lounge or sofa last longer. We offer a free Scotchguard treatment with any 3 seater lounge clean!

Alana Zangari
Alana Zangari
Cannot thank Masters enough for their professionalism! They were easy to deal with and we were very impressed with how our bedroom carpets and couch looked after their work!
Jasmin Muller
Jasmin Muller
Very professional, on time and great result. Thank you
Jessie May
Jessie May
Two young kids and a dog... had my carpets cleaned and the results exceeded my expectations. Kind staff, prompt service, professional service and most importantly extremely good value. Will be using again!
Leah McDonald
Leah McDonald
Masters GC managed to fit me in at short notice for my 3 bedroom house and lounge suite. The truck mount machine they use did an amazing job on my carpets and removed stains that were previously not able to. I would highly recommend Masters Gold Coast and we will be using them again soon!
Anneliese Peters
Anneliese Peters
I have used Masters both professionally as a property manager and privately when vacating my own rental property. Ryan has always been professional, knowledgeable and provided quality work, at a reasonable price. 100% recommend Masters.
Marcia Waller
Marcia Waller
My tiles and carpet look fabulous - like new.
Raikiri Store
Raikiri Store
great job and great communication x

Why you can trust Masters Gold Coast

Fast Service Delivery

Masters Gold Coast’s goal is to provide quality cleaning services with class-leading cleaning equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Expert Quality

Delivering outstanding results over 15 years has earned Masters Gold Coast a great reputation in the Cleaning industry.


Trusted Professionals

Our team are highly trained professionals who work to get the best result possible for our customers.

We work with commercial and residential properties and understand the importance of a quality finish.

Incredibly Competitive Pricing

Please contact Masters directly for a commercial price list today.

Upholstery Cleaning Gold Coast

Masters Gold Coast

Working with both residential and commercial customers, Master Gold Coast understand the importance of upholstery cleaning and protection.

Masters Gold Coast offer:

  • Lounge Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Car Interior Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection
  • Sanitising & Deodorising
sofa cleaning

Clean and Germ-Free Upholstery in the Gold Coast

Your upholstery speaks a thousand words about your home. Clean, fresh upholstery reflects activeness and positivity, while dull upholstery gives your home a flat look. That’s why you need professional upholstery cleaning services for your home. Masters Gold Coast offers advanced and safer upholstery cleaning Gold Coast services that are the best in the city. We don’t boast about ourselves but are proud of our cleaning methods and happy customers. We use a unique steam cleaning solution to break down oils and easily remove tough stains.

Our four-step process includes thorough vacuuming, application of the cleaning solution, electro-shield infused solutions, and hot water extraction cleaning. Plus, we make sure to use the right product depending on the type of upholstery it’s protecting—so even delicate items will be safe in our hands! And with drying times of 4-6 hours or less, you can sit in your lounge again in no time.

  1. Pre-vacuum: We thoroughly vacuum the lounges and chairs to remove maximum dirt.
  2. Dry cleaning: Our expert team of upholstery cleaners uses a steam cleaning method to break down any oils on the upholstered materials.
  3. Specialised cleaning: We also use special electro-shield-infused solutions to clean different upholstery materials.
  4. Hot-water extraction: This step ensures that all the dirt, grime, and tough stains are thoroughly removed from the upholstery, making it look new.

After inspecting your upholstery for deep cleaning, we will offer you a customised solution to specifically meet your needs. To stay within your budget, consider only paying for what you actually need. You can also ask us to be more precise with your upholstery cleaning requirements so that we offer you exactly what you need.


Why Choose Masters Gold Coast for Upholstery Cleaning?

  1. Upfront cost estimations: As an experienced provider of upholstery cleaning services on the Gold Coast, we understand the needs of our clients and provide an upfront cost estimate. That means there are no miscellaneous charges – our high-quality service will meet your expectations. According to the requirements, – we strive to ensure each customer receives a tailor-made cleaning plan that best suits their budget and needs.
  2. Certified professionals: At Masters Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our employees are thoroughly trained in upholstery cleaning. Once you call our professionals at home, we guarantee you’re getting the best.
  3. Best in the industry: Our work is not over just after the successful execution of our services. We also closely monitor the property even after our work is done.
  4. Safety: Our staff safely handles solvents, detergents, and other potentially dangerous cleaning agents thanks to their training and experience. We ensure that our consumers are safe since we know the hazards involved with these products. Our knowledge in this area is unparalleled, so you can be confident you’re in good hands.


How Long Will Upholstery Cleaning Take?

Upholstery cleaning time will depend on the following –

  • The method our professional cleaner uses, 
  • How dirty is your fabric, and 
  • How much furniture needs to be cleaned? 

Typically, upholstery will take between 30 and 60 minutes to clean. Depending on the scope of work, sometimes it can also take longer.

What is the process of upholstery cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning covers more than just removing dirt and dust. At Masters Gold Coast, we provide customers with a complete furniture inspection, where we check the condition of the upholstery and any other damages present.

Once the evaluation is done, our workers start cleaning using various methods: vacuuming, conditioning, rinsing, drying, and more advanced techniques such as hot-water extraction and steam cleaning tailored to specific problems.

For our Gold Coast-based customers, we use hot water extraction as our preferred method which is best for upholstery cleaning.

Moreover, we also excel at stain removal and carpet cleaning services; we’ll ensure your premises look their best at all times!

How long does it take to dry after upholstery cleaning?

Our professional upholstery cleaners also use additional drying methods (box fans, ceiling fans, air conditioners, etc.) to expedite drying. Generally, eight to twelve hours can be reduced to three to six. Additionally, if the weather is sunny, we can bring your furniture outside on a sunny day, which can hasten the drying process.

Upholstery Cleaning

Masters Gold Coast

Masters Gold Coast offer their carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning services throughout Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.

Suburbs include Coolangatta, Runaway Bay, Burleigh Heads, Southport, Surfers Paradise & Tweed Heads.