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Masters Gold Coast has been providing the Gold Coast with quality pest control services for the past 18 years. Affordable prices from just $99.

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We use the latest equipment, techniques and safe methods to ensure a successful treatment, every time. We are extremely thorough with inspections of your property and take pride in our work.

18 Years of Experience

Our quality pest control equipment and years of experience have helped us provide the most exceptional pest control service. Masters Gold Coast is a family owned-operated business. The business provides services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Gold Coast, We are well known for our excellent customer service, reliability and quality of work. We have built a strong reputation and strive to deliver quality services you can rely on.






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  • Internal Floors & Corners
  • Infestation Areas
  • External Walls & Garden Areas
  • Under Gutters & Eaves
  • Weep Holes
  • Roof Voids
  • Baiting Gel Applied to Kitchen & Bathroom Cupboards

Pest Control Mudgeeraba

Pest control

Pest control is the practice of controlling pests (typically insects, rodents or other small animals) that are considered to be a nuisance. 

Pesticides are used for killing an insect or rodent, while traps and deterrents are used to keep them away from the area where they are considered to be pests.


The major types of pests include insects, mites, weeds, molds and other organisms that can contaminate food or injure people, pets or livestock.

Pest control is the prevention, or the elimination of pests. Commercial pest control is often termed as a “pest management service” and includes pest prevention, pest inspection, and pest extermination. Pests may also be a nuisance, and it is not always feasible to eliminate all pests from an area.

This includes spiders, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and other insects or arachnids. But also other types of pests such as bacteria and fungi as they are both frequently present in the environment in large numbers. Pest control is a critical component to any sustainable pest management program and is often the most difficult part of this process. The following tips will help to maintain a pest free environment for your family and pets.

Pest spiders are one of the most common types of spider that a pest exterminator will come across. They are known for their large webs, which can be found in dark areas such as corners, doorways and beneath things such as furniture or boxes. The most common types of pest spiders are the black widow, brown recluse and the hobo spider. The brown recluse is the main culprit when it comes to humans who come into contact with these types of spiders.

Pest control of rodents can be successful by removing any nesting materials that rodents may use as a habitat. This will allow for easier access to these areas so that further measures can be undertaken by a professional pest control company in order to provide a safe environment for your family and pets.

Getting rid of flies can be a difficult task. If you have a large number of flies, then you might want to call an exterminator, or use a fly trap. Or, if it’s just a minor nuisance, you can do one or more of the following to get rid of flies:

You can buy fly paper and glue it where there is a lot of flies. There are also sprays that you can use to help control flies.

Pest control for termites is actually pretty easy. 

You can get Termidor which is a chemical that you spray around your home to prevent termites.  You can also call a exterminator to spray for you. So, there are several ways for you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from termites.

Pest control for spider mites is not very hard either.  Spider mites live on the surface of plants and trees, and are one of the most common pests that homeowners will find themselves fighting off.

removing rodents from homes, office buildings, and other structures.
The average cost of a rodent extermination job is usually $150 to $200 for anything from a full wall to complete removal.  The types of poisons, traps, and methods used to kill rodents vary widely.  Some are very effective while others are not so much.

If you live and work in an office building, or are in a similar environment, it’s important that you call an exterminator for any pest problems that arise.  Any pest can be really disruptive to your work routine and can even make you sick. 

It’s not worth having to deal with, so make sure that you eliminate any pests from your surroundings.

There are some simple things that you can do to avoid a pest problem.  A pest can be any insect or other animal that comes into contact with you in such a way as to make you uncomfortable.  But remember, the only reason they’re attracted to your business is because they find food there.


When it comes to pest control treatment, homeowners have a lot of options. Some people turn to DIY treatments, while others hire professional pest exterminators. There are also a few other methods that can be taken into consideration, as well.


Pest inspection is a term that is used for inspecting buildings, workplaces, and other places in order to find any infestation of pests. There are two inspections that are done: one by an inspector and the other by a pest control specialist. 

Pest Free Property

To qualify as pest free, a property must have been inspected thoroughly. If the inspector does not find any evidence of pests, or if there are none present in the target area, the property is considered to be pest free. 

An inspection of a pest free home may take anywhere from two to three hours and will include many steps. The inspector will make sure that all areas of the property are checked for signs of any pests, such as holes in walls or roofs and damaged wood structures. 


Termite inspection is a process that assesses the extent of damage caused by termites to a home. 

The process of termite inspection involves looking for any signs of infestation and then taking steps to eradicate them from your property. Termites are dangerous pests that can cause a lot of damage, depending on the amount and types present in your home. 

Keep your home dry. Make sure that any leaks have been fixed immediately and that your roof is not compromised in any way. 

Make sure that all wood materials are not dampened by water as much as possible. 

In order to eradicate this pest, the recommended preventative measure is to wet the entire property with water, or even better; use a pesticide. 

Protect Yourself from Termites 

To protect yourself from termites, here are some preventive steps that you should take: 

For more details, you can contact a professional pest control service for termite inspections in Pest Control Robina. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property and identify any signs of termites or other pests. 

If any termites are found, we’ll take the appropriate steps to get rid of them from your house before they cause damage. The earlier you treat the termites, the less amount of work required to get rid of them.

Pest Free Property


You want a pest free property. When property, or a building, is pest free it means that there are no rodents, insects, and other unwanted creatures living inside of it. 

The pests you generally want to get rid of include the following: termites, rodents, ants, mice, Fire ants, Beatles, house mice, field mice, brown banded cockroaches, German cockroach, American cockroach, house dust mites, houseflies, possums, rats, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, spiders and silverfish.  


To live a healthy life, we must be free from pests and rodents such as cockroaches, rats and mice because they cause diseases that can make us sick. Rodents feed on our waste products and spread diseases through their excrement. 

Rodent control is also important because rats and mice cause structural damage and spread diseases. Pest control includes the management of ants, termites, fleas and cockroaches as well as dealing with ticks & mites which might carry disease. 

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a way of dealing with pests that relies on multiple tactics to reduce the amount of pesticides used. 

It has been especially important in protecting human health and the environment because it limits the fine tuning of pesticides so they are used less frequently, concentrate on targeted pests and do not harm other organisms. IPM is also more successful because it relies on the natural enemies (predators and parasites) that have evolved with the pests. 

At Master’s carpet cleaning Gold Coast, we now offer pest control in Robina, as well as all other Gold Coast suburbs.  What sets us apart is that we use only the safest pesticides and insecticides, whether we use course spraying or insect control fogging.  You will know that you are safe with us when it comes to protecting your pets and loved ones. 

Our advanced pest management will ridd your house or other premises from parasites, rodents and insects. 

Biological Pest Control 

In many cases we deploy biological pest control.  Nevertheless whether you are experiencing pests such as ants, weaver ants, spiders, beetles, mice, house mice, possums, rats, fire ants, cockroaches, brown banded cockroaches or German cockroaches or the house dust mite, flies, houseflies, mosquitoes, silverfish or termites, we at Master’s carpet cleaning Gold Coast now offers the most comprehensive pest control in Robina


Insects – from mosquitoes to flies and beetles – play various roles in the ecosystem. They are a major food source for many animals, they pollinate plants, and they help break down organic materials. However, many species are pests that damage crops and other plants, cause allergies, spread diseases or even kill people. We can help you to get rid of the invasive beetles in your home or workplace. 


Rodents – from rats and mice to squirrels and even beavers are a common problem in urban areas. They damage property, destroy crops and spread disease. Wood rats live tunnels beneath buildings, where they can cause structural damage. We can help you to get rid of these pests in your home or business. 

Our environmentally friendly pesticides are a type of environmentally friendly and organic pesticide that may be used for the control of insect pests. It is commonly used to kill fleas, ticks, mites, and lice in pets and domestic animals. 

It is made of plants with chrysanthemums, a natural resin that has been used for centuries. It works by killing insects by damaging their nervous systems or hormones. This will reduce the reproduction of pests and the number of offspring in your home or workplace. 


The chemicals in pyrethrins (we dont use it)


The chemicals in pyrethrins may be poisonous to humans and pets if they are ingested or contacted by poisoning through inhalation, skin contact, etc.. However, only a very small amount is needed to effectively kill most pests. This is why it is considered safer to use in homes and environments where there are pets, children and the elderly. 

Pest Control Products 

It is important to remember that pest control products are not designed for indoor use. They should never be used in indoor settings unless they are specifically labeled as safe for that use. 

When using pest control products, always read the label to be sure it is safe for use in your home or workplace. If you are unsure of any instructions, check with your local Master’s carpet cleaning Gold Coast office. 

If you have any questions about our insect control or want to know more about our pest control services, give us a call 

There are several types of insecticides that can be used to control pests. They may be organic or synthetic pesticides, depending on how they are made. However, not all pest control products will protect your home and environment from side effects. Before using any type of pesticide, it is important for you to read the label and follow the instructions carefully on how to use it. 

Biological Pest Control


Biological pest control. Effective biological pest control involves at least two stages: treatment and prevention. 

The first stage of biological pest management is application of an integrated pest management program that includes a survey of the environment to identify natural enemies and pests. 


Mudgeeraba is a suburb in Queensland, Australia. It is located about 30 kilometres south of the state capital, Brisbane. It is part of Logan City.

Mudgeeraba has a railway station on the Beenleigh line. The local rugby league team is the Mudgeeraba Redbacks who wear red and play in Mudgeeraba Oval, while the local soccer team is Sunshine Coast FC who play home games at Wright Park in Narangba (10 minutes north).

The suburb takes its name from the railway station, which was named in 1920 after an Aboriginal word meaning “big water”.

In March 2008, a developer proposed to convert 200 hectares of pine plantations on Mudgeeraba Station into a residential and tourism estate. The plans include up to 3,000 residential lots, a new five-hole golf course, two hotels with 290 rooms and 99 villas; a marina with 140 berths; shops; as well as an equestrian centre. If approved, the plans will increase housing on the Gold Coast by a further 1,000.

The closest hospitals are Southside Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital .

In the , Mudgeeraba recorded a population of 10,877 people, 51.1% female and 48.9% male. The median age of the Mudgeeraba population was 35 years, 2 years below the national median of 37. 74.7% of people living in Mudgeeraba were born in Australia.

The other top responses for country of birth were England 7%, New Zealand 4%, South Africa 2%, Philippines 1%, Scotland 1%. 89.8% of people spoke only English at home; the next most common languages were 1% Italian, 1% German, 1% French.

The main schools in Mudgeeraba are:

St Joseph’s College is the name of a school which is located in Mudgeeraba on Darby Street

Former Mudgeeraba resident Francis Leach, who died at the end of 2017, was a rugby league footballer for the Balmain Tigers and a cricketer who appeared for Queensland.

The Mountains to Sea Trail passes through Mudgeeraba.

Mudgeeraba Public School is a public primary school (Years 1-6) on Darby Street, Mudgeeraba. It has a low student to teacher ratio of 13/1 and a roll of 113 students.

Located on the corner of Power and Michael Streets

The area known as “Mudgeeraba” was once part of the property owned by John Mackenzie, after whom Mackenzie Street was named in about 1885. The property was inherited by his eldest son, Peter Mackenzie, after whom Mackenzie Street is also named.

Mudgeeraba Post Office opened on 7 October 1926 and was renamed Mudgeeraba Railway Station on 12 January 1920.

In the 2017 ABS Census, Mudgeeradia had a median age of 35 years (ABS 2016 Census: 34 years). It had the highest median age for any suburb in Logan District at 46.1 years. This is a substantial increase from the national median of 37.5 years.

Mudgeeraba was part of the Shire of Albert until it merged into the newly formed Logan City Council in 1995. It is represented by the Member of Parliament for Broadwater, Trevor Watts and by two Councillors: Amanda Cooper (Division 3) and Julie Greer (Division 7).

It is in the Division of McPherson for both state and federal elections. The seat is held on a margin of 2.2% by Dr Douglas Dean MP.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast suburbs near Robina are a popular place to live. They’re affordable, close to the beach and have access to schools, shops, hospitals and various public transport networks. To get about you can use the public transport networks or drive. 

With easy access to the M1 and Bruce Highway, getting around the Gold Coast is simple. 

Robina lies in the Gold Coast City Council area, where you’ll find a range of amenities including: 

Public sporting facilities including netball courts, an indoor sports centre and a swimming pool as well as recreation centres and facilities. 

Community hubs including seniors centres, childcare centres and youth drop-in services. 

A wide range of shopping, educational and cultural facilities including: 

Golf courses such as: Miami Lakes Golf Club Coolangatta Golf Course Reef Lagoon Resort Mosman Park Golf Club Gold Coast Yacht Club International Yacht Harbour 

Questions and Answers

Question: is it worth it getting best control for your property? 

Answer: A pest health risk is a threat to the public’s health that can be transmitted by an insect or rodent, such as rabies or Lyme disease. Professional pest control by Masters carpet cleaning in Robina will be your answer to a pest free property and safe environment for your kids and guests. 

Question: how expensive is it and how do you charge for pest control? 

Answer: generally on the Gold Coast you can expect to invest around $300-$700 to get your property pest free, depending on the services required.  You may have to pay around $135 for a three-bedroom house or $180 for a four-bedroom house and about $250-$300 for the removal of rodents, about $220 for possum removal, around $260 for a pre-purchase pest inspection and roughly $340-$800 for a combined building and pest inspection. 

Question: how long does it generally take for pest control to start working? 

Answer: roughly speaking, you will experience a significant and sudden reduction in pest activity within one to 2 days.

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